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If you’re looking to create or improve your or your clients’ online presence, we should have a chat! As a freelancer, I can act fast and assure the quality by connecting you with my network.

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Web & App Development

When I’m working on side projects or specific client projects, coding is a strength as a marketer. Performance is important and a lightweight application or webshop makes a big difference. I create custom websites in HTML5, PHP frameworks, and javascript libraries such as Node.js, Angular.js, etc.


Websites can be developed with different frameworks. A website should be easily edited. Powerful pre-built content management systems like WordPress or Drupal cut development cost. Users aren’t just customers, but also web admins, content writers, analysts, … Time is money, right?

Graphic Design

Design should be vibrant and vivid in an ever-changing digital landscape. First analyze and define your brand positioning requiring marketing and design knowledge. Strong brands set themselves apart by their great communication and overall feel-good vibe. Communicate correctly to your customers.

Digital Design

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In this case, your customers. We all want to have a good looking website. Don’t let this cause a lack of conversion and usability. A website without a focus on sales is just a business card lost in the big, big web. Design should be accompanied by marketing knowledge.

Freelance Dayrate Calculator (in Dutch)

If you work and live in Belgium and wondering if you should go freelance or not, this dayrate calculator can help you out. Mind you, this calculator is an estimate of what you should charge.

Always consult a professional accountant to help you with your final decision like I did.

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Tom has the knowledge and drive every entrepreneur is looking for by his side, asking the right questions and pushing for results.

Jorg Snoeck – Founder at RetailDetail bvba

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Digital projects from ideation to acceleration with an obsession for online human behavior. Understanding cases from top to bottom, looking for growth opportunities is my focus.

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