Creating visuals

Design should be simple, that is why it is so complicated.

Print & Production

Are you looking for stunning visuals you can touch? Banners, t-shirts, business cards, product packagings, … it’s fun to see your designs come to life. To ensure print quality is great, establish a relationship with your preferred printing business. Working in high resolution is a must for printing. Imagine a blurry packaging. I know. Horrible! Dress to impress also counts for printing.

Online communication

Online communication channels are booming. We all know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but there are communications to be made on a lot of different mediums. Specifically for your business offering. Visuals are in need to be created for all these online channels, with the right measurements. Usually, your visuals will be uploaded with diminished quality which is important learning to take within the design process.

Digital Graphics

Have you ever given a presentation that just looked ugly? In this digital, mobile world we are now facing an even more difficult time to capture people’s attention. Stunning visuals can change that. A keynote, splash art on your website, team avatars, … In a world where images speak, convey your message correctly.


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