Free Resources

A collection of resources that inspire me on the daily.


My collection of presentations on growth hacking. I believe this knowledge should be free to everyone. It’s how you use it that is learned by doing and implementing the process learned in these presentations.

10 Brainstorm Tools

These tools help me bring the innovation process from new ideas to company growth. With creative collaboration:

  • Unlock insights by creative exercises.
  • Structure your actions in a one-page plan.
  • Create a lean structured process.

Book & Podcast List

Here is a list of books and podcasts that I found particularly influential in my intellectual development. I will continuously add to this page, as I discover more resources that helped me educate myself or get inspired.

Growth Tool Stack

Tools are an easy way to upgrade your tech stack and grab the low-hanging fruit. What would otherwise be a hassle to develop internally or do tasks manually, can now save you time by automation and outsourcing.

I selected tools the tools I use the most, and seem most benefictial for general use within all kinds of companies.


If you work and live in Belgium and wondering if you should go freelance or not, this dayrate calculator can help you out. Mind you, this calculator is an estimate of what you should charge.

Always consult a professional accountant to help you with your final decision like I did.

Digital projects from ideation to acceleration with an obsession for online human behavior. Understanding cases from top to bottom, looking for growth opportunities is my focus.

Monthly shares & learnings?

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