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A set of actionable, accessible tools.

These tools help me bring the innovation process from new ideas to company growth. Whether you are a starting corporate startup, or a marketing team exploring new ideas to increase market penetration.

Growth marketing tools

Content cluster

Content Ideation Exercise

This ideation exercise helps you as a content strategist or creator to map all different types of content by topics, and explore them by ideating on long form and short form content.

Growth canvas

Growth Planning Tool

This planning tool will help you map actionable tactics to grow your company. By first setting out goals, you then will think of actions in every step of the customer journey. This tool will help you map those actions, and prioritize them into your growth plan.

Growth barriers

Growth Ideation Exercise

Businesses face growth barriers on every step of the customer journey. To think negatively, about why customers are not completing the funnel, your mindset is shifted and put in a customer-centric thinking model. This exercise will help you find barriers and turn them into solutions.

Persona canvas

Innovation/Growth Strategy Exercise

With the Persona Canvas, you can quickly capture and visualize multiple customers of your target audience. A persona will help you in the right direction when creating campaigns or a business model.

Customer journey canvas

Innovation/Growth Strategy Exercise

This exercise will help you find different struggles and opportunities of your customers throughout their customer journey. From finding your product or service to using it.

Experiment validation matrix

Innovation/Growth Strategy Tool

The matrix is a tool that gives you an overview of all the experiments you can to do validate a hypothesis on the product or marketing level. Prioritize which experiments are crucial with a limited time frame.

Experiment card

Innovation/Growth Strategy Tool

When conducting an experiment to validate a hypothesis about your product or marketing, the Experiment Card will help you structure this process in only 4 simple steps.

Innovation tools

Value proposition canvas

Innovation Strategy Exercise

With this exercise, your team will think both in place of the customer, as the offer your startup will provide. In its essence, you will look for the value you will bring to the customer, both in product and service.

Business model canvas

Business Intelligence Tool

Writing a 100 pager to explain your business model is in the past. In 9 blocks, you will be able to map your business from its key activities, customers, resources and revenue streams.

MVP roadmap

Planning Tool

Brainstorms are cool, right? They have a lot of input, and this roadmap will help you prioritize ideas by importance, impact, and ease over a set period of time. This will help you manage brainstorm output.