Growth canvas

A simple approach to identifying growth tactics.

Using the growth canvas

This planning tool will help you map actionable tactics to grow your company. By first setting out goals, you then will think of actions in every step of the customer journey. The Growth Canvas will help you map those actions, and prioritize them into your growth plan.

What you’ll need:

  • A Pen & Post-its
  • 1 printed Growth Canvas.
  • You can use the canvas alone or preferably in a group.

Why the growth canvas?

Lack of interdisciplinary collaboration within the marketing team and the different disciplines of which it consists. The Growth Canvas can help remedy these problems, gathering multiple marketing activities in one place. The canvas consists of 8 building blocks to discover new tactics.

By mapping tactics in the customer journey funnel, by marketing phase, we make sure to revealing opportunities in the funnel that would otherwise be overlooked. The approach offers a subtle way of exposing in which funnel phase your company is lacking marketing strategy.

Step-by-step guide

Add the persona’s
Summarize the target audience you want to target. If you haven’t thought of persona’s, the persona canvas might help.

North Star Metric & KPI’s
Break Down the most important metric for your business, and supportive KPI’s.

Value Proposition
Describe the value you bring to customers. What pains are you resolving, and what value gains do you bring?

If you need help with this block, the Value Proposition Canvas can be of help.

The Awareness Phase
Think of tactics on how users find you. For example: be present on social media with a well-thought-out social media plan.

The Activation Phase
How will you convert users? For example: Reward customers with a discount on the next checkout.

The Retention Phase
Why would users come back? For example: a 7-step onboarding email sequence to help people understand your app.

The Referral Phase
How can people refer to their peers?

For example: referring a peer gives you credits, which can unlock an extra month in your SAAS software if they convert.

The Revenue Phase
How will you get paying customers, or what are other ways to make revenue?

For example: add a subscription-based model next to pay-per-use service.

Download the growth canvas

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