MVP roadmap

Plan and structure brainstorm output over time and impact.

Purpose of the MVP roadmap

Brainstorms are cool, right? They have a lot of output, and this roadmap will help you prioritize ideas by importance, impact, and ease over a set period of time. This will help you manage brainstorm output.

What you’ll need:

  • A Pen, Post-its.
  • 1 printed MVP Roadmap.
  • You can use the MVP Roadmap alone or preferably in a group.

Using of MVP roadmap

The MVP roadmap allows brainstorm output to be placed over time, with impact and feasibility of an idea or tactic. There are 5 waves on the roadmap, which can be quarterly timings, or even weeks if you are using an agile approach.

There are 3 types of ideas. Now: low impact, but are easy to execute. It’s the low hanging fruit. Wow: the most important of ideas. They have a high impact and are easy to do. How: Harder to execute, but they have a high impact. The MVP roadmap is a base for your planning.

Download the MVP roadmap

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