Persona canvas

Capture and visualise multiple customers of your target audience.

Exploring the persona canvas

With the Persona Canvas you can quickly capture and visualize multiple customers of your target audience. A persona will help you in the right direction when creating campaigns or a business model.

What you’ll need:

  • A Pen
  • 1 or multiple printed Persona Canvases.
  • You can use the canvas alone or in a group.

Using your persona canvas

A persona is a basis when exploring a new business model, a creative marketing campaign brief, or exploring marketing tactics and goals. All 3 require a target audience early in the process.

This exercise helps you to learn about your ideal customer — their challenges, their goals, their demographic traits, and so on — helps you set a strategy aimed at attracting the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers to your business.

Step-by-step guide

Give your persona an identity
Fill out personal information of the persona. This will help you identify your target customer.

Adding Key Thoughts
Regarding your business challenge, what are your persona’s major thoughts on the subject?

Goals and Needs
What is important to your persona and what are they trying to do?

What is their process?
What are they doing to meet their goals and needs, and what are the barriers they face?

The Opportunity
During the process of reaching their goals or meeting needs, what can be improved?

Plot the persona on the market
How many people fit this persona and how do they spend their time?

Download the persona canvas

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