Micro- and Macro Marketing
Growth hacking a business in Belgium (& the world).

The origin of growth hacking
Understand why to implement growth hacking.

Growth Hacking Framework
How to implement growth hacking.

Examples & Cases
Discover real strategies & tools.

The world gets more and more digital. The big companies of the future are software companies, or software gets integrated with even the most traditional companies. Tesla is not by a car manufacturer, Amazon is not by a publisher, Netflix is not by a video rental company. How does your company survive in this digitally transformed world?

Growing in its essence is bringing value to consumers. Digital creates opportunities and risks across the value chain. A digital strategy gives insights that will help you look at digital from every angle.

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The innovation phase

From idea to startup with growth marketing

  • Be introduced to the timeline of a business, from idea to startup.

  • Learn to find product/market fit.

  • Receive a free innovation framework.

  • Get practical examples, cases, strategies & tools.

Digital projects from ideation to acceleration with an obsession for online human behavior. Understanding cases from top to bottom, looking for growth opportunities is my focus.

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