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Designed for selling

The most important factor in your webshop is that your product sells. What makes the difference is having a great strategy that backs up your design. Make design decisions based on marketing evidence in your sector. When designing or launching your e-commerce website, set a solid foundation to market your product to the right people.

The front of the store

A physical store should be easily accessible, and so should your online store. A customer should be able to visit your webshop on all browsers and devices. Especially mobile is more important than ever before. When it comes to eCommerce, User Experience is a priority when engaging your community. It should take minimal time and effort to buy a product. Do not make people think, otherwise you probably lose them. Display your products the way your target audience wants them to be displayed and help your users through their journey.

You need to learn what your customer’s want, gain a deep understanding of the problems they’re trying to solve, and work backwards from that.

The back of the store

With a great performing, webshop comes a lot of data. I create dashboards or set them up in popular eCommerce platforms such as WordPress’ WooCommerce and Shopify. This way you can keep track of your stock, shipments, new orders, etc. You can optimize your store by adding plugins and managing them through the back-end of the store. Capture all your data in place to be on top of things. Add new products, edit them quickly to not waste time.

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