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NICE TO MEET YOU. Full-time digital growth strategist, part-time side project creator.


Before starting a project, you need an strategic plan to guide your tactics. Aim your arrows, and aim them in the right direction.


Websites and campaigns with a wow-factor perform much better. I combine marketing, technical & design know-how.


Data is your best friend. Grow from evidence-based decisions servicing all parts of the customer journey & buyer decision process.

Digital projects from ideation to acceleration with an obsession for online human behavior.

Behavioral analytics
Every online action is inspired by human behavior. When starting a project, you must understand your customer's needs, pains, values and cultural background.
Tech Skills
Digital transformation has changed the world forever. To not have access to technical skills and fast execution means staying behind in business and society.
Investments should be a smart ones. Too many businesses lose money creating online tools, adding features and landing pages that are not conversion driven.
Jorg Snoeck
RetailDetail bvba

Tom has the knowledge and drive every entrepreneur is looking for by his side, asking the right questions and pushing for results.

Veerle Van Roij
Wolters Kluwer
Segment Manager Business Development

Enjoyed working with Tom in a lean and agile way and appreciated his swift understanding of our business.

Marketa Kadeckova
ING Prague
Innovation Manager

Tom added a new dimension to our online experimentation process. We were able to get fast, concrete results in days that would otherwise take us weeks internally.

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