Hello there! 👋 I help to grow ambitious brands as a digital marketing expert

About me

Assisting and leading marketing teams with digital marketing, data and growth strategy

In the past 8 years, I have worked on projects as a growth marketer, head of growth, marketing team lead, guest lecturer, start-up marketing coach, innovation experiment designer, digital marketing expert, and analytics tracking expert.

As a marketing consultant, I have worked with 75+ teams in marketing, innovation, and eCommerce. Companies in my portfolio include KBC Startit & Birdhouse accelerator startups, ventures at Philips, ING Bank, Wolters Kluwer and Colruyt Group, and retailers like ZEB, Jumbo, and Miele.

I’ve helped dozens of marketing teams with digital marketing and innovation teams with de-risking business ideas, by in-market tests to validate product-market fit. I am a technical marketer with a passion for people.

As a digital native on a mission to grow impactful brands, getting results are my feel-good moment. Hire me as your next digital marketing expert.

Services and offerings

Achieving growth holistically with a diverse digital marketing skillset.

Product Market Fit
Venture Validation
Growth Audit
Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing
Data & Analytics
Paid Media
Marketing Automation
Lead Gen
Front End
Content Creation

Success stories

“Enjoyed working with Tom in a lean and agile way and appreciated his swift understanding of our business.”


Veerle Van Roij

🌎 Head of marketing
🏢 Wolters Kluwer

Book launch 5.3X ROI

Healthcare app MVP Testing

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Looking to strenghten your team? I offer a flexible skillset with digital and strategic know-how for business growth.

Together, we will assess your project challenge, review if there is a match and find our ideal way of working.

Ready to move forward? Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or tom@tomdemoor.com for a chat or a 15 min discovery call.