The wondrous web is my playing field

Hi, I’m Tom. And this is my career story.

Last 8 years, I chose to pick one clear goal for my career: to understand the process of creating and growing companies, at any scale. That’s huge, right? Working with amazing people, I am able to take on these different fields as a growth strategist.

After graduating as a programmer and digital designer, I knew how to build tech products. What I did not know was, how to make the right business decisions and take an idea from zero to hero. That’s why interned at an innovation agency: Board of Innovation. Here I helped to implement the innovation process with large corporates around the world. I learned business development and corporate innovation. Having an appetite on how to sell these products, I made it my job to grow these newly found ventures.


Soon after, I was working with Belgian startups and working on international corporate innovation projects as a consultant with a partnered agency: The Growth Revolution. I was fortunate to receive opportunities that involved public speaking, traveling, and many other things out of my comfort zone. So, what did I exactly do? It went from getting the first 100 users for a corporate venture at bPost, to (in)validate multiple businesses at ING, to digital marketing campaigns and communication.

One piece of the puzzle was missing: how to scale-up? I needed to understand how big brands work and what problems they are facing. At LDV United, I supported large scale campaigns in advertising for big Belgian players. Brands such as Mitsubishi, but also startups ready to scale.

What I am up to

My goal is to be able to help at any stage of the growth process. I segment them in about 4 stages: Innovation, Creation, Growth, and Scale. Basically, from the start of a new idea to a brand that needs the right message to hit consumers.

I help in understanding digital projects from top to bottom, look for improvements and execute. I guess that makes me a growth hacker.

Data never lies, but it is an art to find the human side in data to make the right decisions for business growth.

Digital projects from ideation to acceleration with an obsession for online human behavior. Understanding cases from top to bottom, looking for growth opportunities is my focus.

Monthly shares & learnings?

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