About me

From aspiring criminologist to web builder, growth & innovation consultant, educator and lover of all things digital.

Growing up, the classic detective movies led me to believe that future Tom would solve the deepest of criminal mysteries and be an expert in crime scene investigation. That ended pretty quickly after writing paper after paper at University, ignoring the practical work of investigations.

In a way, I am still a problem solver. I love to look at a project, assess the scope, analyse the data and push forward a strategy and action plan. My feel good moment is driving business growth with the support of new technologies and innovative-minded teams.

I continued my studies as a programmer, learning all kinds of web-based coding languages, both front-end and back-end. I graduated as a web developer and designer with a bachelor’s degree in Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More. During my studies I participated in summer schools and competitions, which gave me the opportunity to work with companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook and visits top scale-ups in Berlin.

After graduating. I ended up in 2nd place in a pitching competition on national television, but felt I missed marketing expertise. I needed to learn how to sell my product and talk business.

I joined Belgium’s first growth marketing, being the first employee where I learned to combine my technical skills with marketing.

During this 3 year period, I got the opportunity to work on big projects out of my comfort zone. Today, I’m still proud of what I’ve learned there. We were active in at least 5 international projects, quickly boosting knowledge on growth marketing and experiment design.

This gave me the knowledge and leverage to start in a new position as a growth strategist in a renowned Belgian advertising agency, and in a later position, a team lead at a growth marketing agency. There I continued to developed the company as a freelancer, eventually having my own projects since a couple of years. Today, I work together with Upthrust, a global digital acceleration office.

With 75+ companies consulted, this has equipped me with a lot of knowledge I gained from the ins and outs of the industry. It has shaped the growth-mindset I have today.

Although I did not become the detective I thought I would be, I am excited about the future and what new, cool and inspiring projects it will bring. How about you?

Beliefs and values

Outcome driven
Crush challenges

Integrity matters
Empathic & honest
Growth minded
Strive to be better
Working flexibly
But get it done!
People first
Being supportive

Focus & dedication

Top 12 favourite tools

VS Code

Looking to strenghten your team? I offer a flexible skillset with digital and strategic know-how for business growth.

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