Marketing communication in a consumer-driven world.


Growth marketing is a process that stimulates teamwork, data-driven advertising and the delivery for true value to your audience. It’s a communication loop between customers, marketing and service.

Currently, I work for Atlasnine, a growth agency, and do projects from marketing for your favorite local brand to consulting big brands.

Some of my skills:
  • Marketing campaigns: On- and offline marketing
  • Lead generation: New business prospects
  • Marketing automation: Up-to-date technology
  • Content Marketing: Engage your audience
  • Go-to-market: product and service launches


ING Bank

Marketing validation & campaigns

Partnered project to validate marketing communication for innovative products across Europe in 5 countries. (photo @ ING Poland)

Jorg Snoeck

Author and international keynote speaker

Book launch of Jorg Snoeck’s “Future of Shopping” and international speaking gigs from Europe to South Africa.

ZEB Webshop

Astrid Bryan Collection & Campaigning

Boosting digital sales with an experimental approach of target audience segmentation on multiple marketing channels.

The Growth Process

The growth process is a cycle of continuous improvement to marketing actions and campaigns. A cycle lasts up-to-two weeks whereafter campaigns are continued or discontinued decided by results and team expertise. New ideas are experiments and only proven successful experiments get scaled with time and budget.

To start

  1. Growth Audit: analyze current setup and state of marketing, defining key metrics and business opportunities. 

  2. Growth Plan: a co-created, strategic plan of action that serves as a foundation and backlog for marketing campaigns.
  3. Tech stack setup: Implementation of all necessary tools and channels to exercise the growth plan.

Ongoing / Campaign-based

  1. Start of sprint: go over the necessary actions to carry out over the next sprint or campaign phase. Perform given tasks.
  2. Sprint Status: an update on the current status of the tasks. See where we are at and what input is needed to continue.
  3. Kill / Scale: decision phase whether marketing experiments need more time, need to be stopped, or can be scaled by increasing budget.


By trial and error, growth opportunities are found. A new idea becomes an experiment, which in turn is either stopped or scaled. Spending money is limited until we can assure the campaign results meet the business KPI’s.

The classical marketing budget requires a big budget to create large scale campaigns without a lot of quantitative testing in the market. Sure, focus groups provide valuable input but lack big data sets. With an interactive budget, we first test the market before campaign launch.


The world gets more and more digital. The big companies of the future are software companies, or software gets integrated with even the most traditional companies. Tesla is not by a car manufacturer, Amazon is not by a publisher, Netflix is not by a video rental company. How does your company survive in this digitally transformed world?


The modern method of effective marketing

  • Be introduced to growth hacking a business in Belgium.

  • Learn the origin of growth hacking to understand why to implement it.

  • Receive the framework to implement growth hacking in your business.

  • Get practical examples, cases, strategies & tools.

Overheard gossip

Tom has the knowledge and drive every entrepreneur is looking for by his side, asking the right questions and pushing for results.

Jorg Snoeck – Founder at RetailDetail bvba

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Digital projects from ideation to acceleration with an obsession for online human behavior. Understanding cases from top to bottom, looking for growth opportunities is my focus.

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