Accelerate & launch innovations

De-risking ventures or products by testing product/market fit. Determine evidence-based next steps for your go-to-market.

Experiment design is a data-driven way to validate business
opportunities to create a compelling business case. We’ll set up a number of weekly experiments and test the market to make evidence-based decisions toward creating your go-to-market strategy.

Rapid testing exposes value for your consumer. With experiment learnings, you can steer product development with a clear and validated focus.

Define the key features and audience that will drive business growth

Creating a blueprint on how a consumer interacts with all touch points

In-depth pricing experimentation to benchmark price points

Pinpoint your launch plan

At a partnered project, we ran a validation track to test market readiness and product fit. We tested new business ideas in a sandbox environment and the market anonymously. The found evidence resulted in de-risking venture ideas and pinpointing a clear focus for a go-to-market with all internal stakeholders.

Example of a validation track to be tailored to your business

1. Validation Audit

  • Determine opportunities
  • Define market challenge
  • Align internal stakeholders
  • Map value proposition

2. Validation Strategy

  • Define hypotheses
  • Create a plan of action
  • Set up analytics & data tools
  • Determine validation criteria
3. Prototyping
  • Design needed creatives
  • Create prototype(s)
  • Create dashboard
  • Prepare first experiments
4. Experimentation
  • Qualitative & quantitative
  • Cross-channel testing
  • Agile methodology
  • Develop business case
5. Go-to-market
  • Gather all learnings
  • Create go-to-market plan
  • Team education
  • Experiment playbook

Get a detailed validation track tailored to your business.

Innovation process

A validation track is ideally run before and/or during the building of your MVP. Learnings are used to shape your product or service and shape your go-to-market strategy.

presentation innovation

The innovation phase: From idea to market with growth marketing

The innovation process starts with a consumer problem and putting it to the test to end up with a validated business model.

Success story

“Tom added a new dimension to our online experimentation process. We were able to get fast, concrete results in days that would otherwise take us weeks internally.”


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