The buyer process has changed. Instead of flooding your audience with just ads, marketers must now build continuous relationships with consumers.

Lead generation projects

As it turns out, 95 percent of people do not like being interrupted with ads while doing something. Online advertising rents short term attention and buys your way to sales. With side projects, you instead service your clients by solving a need that is complementary with your company. For example, create value for consumers by creating tools, apps, websites, or software  that is related to the core business, that we build on the side without losing our main focus.

Evidence Based-Marketing

Generating leads is an ROI-focused process that requires tentative care. Evidence-based marketing is a dynamic approach. Experiment to optimize current efforts or finding successful tactics, all through a data-driven approach. Experimentation is testing to learn more about what values resonate, and what messaging and processes to secure transactions are most effective. Learn more about the attention of your audience, as their behavior is changing and attention is shifting. All this while they are looking for the best product or service that suits them.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO includes landing page optimization, messaging, copywriting, design and presentation. Improving conversions means you’re making a concerted effort to improve your marketing campaigns based on what you have learned. The goal is to make evidence-based decisions to optimize the client experience. Having a data-driven approach means you no longer rely on the gut feeling of your marketer, but have consistent and programmatic decisions.

personalized landing pages

Not only can you sell more by making a landing page more personal speaking your persona’s language, but you can add a lot more personality with data and automation. You could create a page using the location or even the first name of your visitor should they come from a platform using UTM tags. Targeted landing pages are nothing new, but technology has created a much diverse way of approaching customers with this technique. Have dynamic, but also personalized marketing approach.

Inbound Marketing

With inbound marketing, you’re attracting your target audience with a value-driven approach, instead of disturbing them with shoving ads in their faces. Inbound marketing is a staying method for lead generation since coined in 2006.

Part of inbound marketing is having the right content strategy, but also tools or downloadables. You’re showing your consumer you actually know what they need, and shows your expertise in an authentic way.


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