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Leave a lasting impression and engage your audience with value.

Planning a digital campaign

Start with shining a light on clear business objectives and the goals of your campaigns, such as increasing brand awareness, increase sales, increase customer retention, reduce cost per lead, reduce cost per acquisition of customers, etc. Deconstruct business objectives in clear digital goals and determine how you will measure your success. Set up a budget according to your goals and what you will communicate to consumers. You’ll need a plan of action and a clear timeline.

Launching a digital campaign

Using multiple platforms to tap into trends and tell engaging stories, successful digital campaigns use a range of styles and themes to help organizations create a buzz around their message, product, and brand. A great digital campaign can both capture the imagination of an audience and drive engagement.

  • Google Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Media Network Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing (SEO, Email, …)

The importance of performance

Whether it’s ads with the goal of awareness or activation (pay-per-click), importance can always be tweaked and is unique to your website. Yes, there are industry standards, but how well an ad performs depends on the message and landing page.

With the right tool stack, the right analysis can be made. Known tools to measure performance are Hotjar for audience behavior, A/B testing tools to increase web performance, checking audience overlap with Semrush, Adespresso if you’re also tired of the Facebook interface and analytics, … and plenty more.


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