Experiment validation matrix

Pick and choose out of 16 simple experiments to validate business or marketing ideas.

Exploring the matrix

The matrix is a tool that gives you an overview of all the experiments you can to do validate a hypothesis on the product or marketing level. Prioritize which experiments are crucial with a limited time frame.

You have a hypothesis that needs to be tested. Think about how you will execute on which tactic. What experiment will validate your hypothesis?

Step-by-step guide

Pick and choose
The matrix shows an overview of 16 experiments to validate new ideas which are ready to execute on.

Pick and choose which product or marketing hypothesis you want to put to the test.

Pin your tactics
Map and write down your ideas. Will you do qualitative and/or quantitative testing? Test the product and/or market fit?

Plan your experiments
There are no failed experiments. Only unexpected outcomes. Plan the ideas with your team and execute on them.

Let cases like Buffer’s famous landing page experiment or Google’s design sprint inspire you.

Download the Experiment Validation Matrix

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