Experiment Card: innovation/growth strategy tool

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The experiment card

Validate your business ideas with customer experiments/tests before scaling them. This is what a lean and agile approach is all about. The Experiment Card will help you structure this process.

What you’ll need:

  • A Pen
  • 1 or more printed Experiment Cards
  • You can use the card alone or in a group.

Turn your assumption into a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess for what you expect to happen in a given experiment.

Your hypothesis is testable. For example: “A blog post will drive over 100 signups.” It is repeatable and measurable. A hypothesis must be measurable: “If we do X, then Y% of the target audience will behave in way Z.” What are your metrics?

There are no failed experiments. Only unexpected outcomes. Conclude new results out of your experiment after execution.

The hypothesis

What needs to be true for your idea(s) to work (aka hypothesis, assumption, or simply guess)?


How are you going to test if that hypothesis is true or false?

Your metrics

What are you going to measure to (in)validate your hypothesis?


How does success look like? What’s the threshold?

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