Customer Journey Canvas: innovation & growth strategy

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The customer journey

This exercise will help you find different struggles and opportunities of your customers throughout their customer journey. From finding your product or service to using it.

What you’ll need:

  • A Pen, Post-its
  • 1 or more printed Customer Journey Canvases.
  • You can use the canvas alone or preferably in a group.

The Customer Journey Canvas is often used in Service Design Thinking, particularly in the solution fit phase.  Service Design Thinking refers to the process of brainstorming and designing services. The canvas facilitates this process.

This is a tool to help you get insight into, track, and discuss how a customer experiences a problem you are trying to solve. How does this problem or opportunity show up in their lives? How do they experience it? How do they interact with you? The underlying goal: to solve our customers’ problems and make them happy.

Plot the persona on the market

How many people fit this persona and how do they spend their time?

Add a persona

Summarize a realistic persona that is a member of your target group. Need help? Learn how to make a persona.

For each step, add a stage

The phase of the journey or funnel your persona is operating in.

The 4 Customer Pillars

Fill out the consumer context, tasks, emotions and opportunities.


Define the touchpoints in which the persona operates.


Describe the tasks your persona is trying to get done and their need to satisfy.


Write down the persona’s emotions, opinions or thoughts.


Describe what you can do to improve the journey.

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